Hotel de Zink Shelter Returns to St. Mark’s in August – LINENS, ice cream and MEALTRAIN SIGN UPS NEEDED

St. Mark’s is one of twelve churches that each provide dinner and accommodation to 15-20 homeless adults every night for one month of the year. Named “Hotel de Zink,” the shelter program was started in 1987 as part of the Urban Ministry of Palo Alto – named for Police Chief Howard Zink who supported services for homeless men in the 1930s. In August St. Mark’s will again provide this valuable and rewarding service – and we need people to sign up to provide meals for our guests, who shelter overnight in the Parish Hall, every night in August. 

On Sunday, July 28, we will collect sheets (any size), pillow cases and blankets for our Hotel de Zink guests and for the larger LifeMoves-supported community. Please bring those clean items to church on that Sunday and place them on the benches in the Parish Hall. And sign up for the Meal Train HERE (more details below). 

On Tuesday, Aug. 20, we will be having an Ice Cream Social for our 12 guests. We will gladly take your ice cream donations to help make this event successful!

There are a lot of myths about homeless people and homelessness in California, and CalMatters offers this pointed article that addresses it for us, and helps us understand our guests better. Read the article HERE.

LifeMoves screens the guests and provides three rotating paid staff members to supervise and sleep with the guests in the Parish Hall each night. These staff members will open the doors at 7:00 p.m. and lock up at 7:00 a.m. We need full parish participation to make providing meals work. You can sign up to provide dinner on the Meal Train link below. Just click the “View All Details” button for instructions and ideas, but the short of it is: dinner consists of a main dish, 2 side dishes, and fruit for dessert for 12 people. Please note the updated number of guests from 20 to 12. You may also use Grub Hub or your favorite restaurant. Food should be delivered between 7:00 -7:15 p.m. to the table that will be set up in the breezeway outside the kitchen. WE ESPECIALLY NEED SIGN-UPS FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS, so we can hit the ground running. If you are inclined to sign up for more than one night in August, please do go ahead and do so. If you have questions, or might need to make arrangements for your meal delivery, you can email me, Susan Dansker at or Jenny Jordan at

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