Hotel de Zink is here!

Our unhoused neighbors of Hotel de Zink have been spending nights during the month of August in our parish hall, and we are glad to have this opportunity to welcome them and know them. St. Mark’s community members have signed up on Meal Train to provide dinner for 20 people each night, and every night this month is now covered by a volunteer! It’s a gift to be given an opportunity to provide dinner and shelter here, and so many St. Mark’s parishioners have felt the blessing of this ministry over the years. 

If you’d like to know more about Hotel de Zink at St. Mark’s, email Susan Dansker. For over forty years, St. Mark’s has been participating in the Hotel de Zink shelter program, taking turns with other area churches. The program, named after Police Chief Howard A. Zink, an early supporter of the project, is part of Life Moves. They provide a paid staff member to open the doors at 7:00 pm and lock up at 7:00 am. Our guests are screened and must help with daily cleanup of the Parish Hall, the kitchen and bathroom. Click here to learn more about Hotel de Zink.

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