Hotel de Zink (HDZ) Coming in August

This August, St. Mark’s will welcome 15-20 otherwise homeless guests to have dinner and rest and sleep in the Parish Hall. HDZ is a shelter, run by LifeMoves, that rotates on a monthly basis among 12 local churches. We have hosted HDZ for over 20 years and we are especially happy to provide this special shelter during the pandemic. Sheltering the homeless is deemed an essential activity during the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, many aspects of the program will be different. The most important change is that we cannot have any personal contact with our guests.  But we can provide 31 nights of wonderful, healthy dinners as we always do!

We are using MealTrain for online sign ups this year – click below to get started!

Another important but wonderful change is that the guests will arrive at St. Mark’s at 5 PM and dinner will be served at 7 PM. This will allow the guests to have a more peaceful stay each evening and night.

If you have contributed to HDZ meals before, please see the email sent this week through CCB, which includes detailed instructions for this year’s dinners. If you cannot cook this year, please consider sending restaurant delivered meals. And as always, please feel free to join with others to contribute to a meal. If you are new to the program or new to St. Mark’s, please contact one of us below and we will happily tell you about the program and help you determine how you can help!

Diane Guinta 
Ellen Vanderwilt 
Susan Dansker