hosting Hotel de zink

For the month of August, we welcome 15 Hotel de Zink guests to our parish hall to have dinner and sleep each night. Please sign up via mealtrain if you are able to provide a dinner (daily) or breakfast (weekends). Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help! LifeMoves has confirmed that we will have 15 guests staying with us for the month so please plan on main and side dishes for 15.

LifeMoves staff will open the back and front doors of the kitchen at 6:30 PM in case you would like to deliver your meals before any guests arrive due to Covid caution. Otherwise, you may deliver your wonderful meals by 7:15 PM to the table set up in the breezeway.

Finally, if you would like to stop by and get to know some of our guests, please contact the HDZ team and let us know. We will arrange for outdoor, masked meet and greets on Tuesday and Thursdays if there is mutual interest but we need to let guests know in advance that we will be dropping by.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the HDZ team: Jenny Jordan, Susan Dansker or Diane Guinta.   Meal Train link: