Help Needed – Housing and Homelessness

Dear Friends,On Monday evening the Palo Alto City Council will be holding hearings on Housing and homelessness.  A few of us have  been working on safe parking issues and housing issues with a group of people from many local faith communities.  Here is information on how you can support people who are unhoused in our community and support  affordable housing.   You can attend the meeting and speak, send comments to the City Council in advance, sign on to a letter that our group supports or communicate in some other way with your Palo Alto City council members.  
Thank you for considering supporting this effort!Diane GuintaQuestions–

Unhousing Community Member Talking Points 

April 5th, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Full Agenda for City Council Agenda:

Staff report for “unhoused in Palo Alto” item:

How to take action: 

  • Email City Council at 
  • Add your name to the sign-on letter: 
  • Join City Council meeting and give public comment on April 5th at 6:30pm 
    • You will have between 1-3 minutes to speak
    • You must “raise your hand” via Zoom if you want to comment and there is a very small window to do this so get on Zoom a few minutes early
    • The City Clerk will call on you when it’s your turn, they’ll unmute you and then you’ll unmute yourself and speak
    • Meeting ID: 362 027 238 
    • Phone:1(669)900-6833

What to say:

  • Please ground this discussion of services for unhoused community members in compassion 
  • The City of Palo Alto should move away from managing vehicle dweller communities through a law enforcement process and move toward viewing it as a social problem that needs to be solved through case work and shared resources. 
  • The City of Palo Alto must identify sites and policies to make new deeply affordable homes feasible.
  • Strengthening tenant protections is an important homelessness prevention strategy. 
  • Look for fair ways to access more resources for unhoused community members.