Gathered at Christ’s Table

Eucharistia, our prayer of thanks to God and the consecration of the elements of bread and wine at communion, is always a prayer of the whole community. And, as we slowly emerge from COVID restrictions, we will once again invite the congregation to gather around the altar during the Eucharistic Prayer, to come close and embody this reality more fully. Masks will continue to be required. If you still need distancing, we understand! You are welcome to stay where you are, move to a closer pew, or stand/sit in one of the side transepts. If this practice is new to you, it may feel uncomfortable in some way, or you may experience unexpected, wonderful grace. We invite you to simply notice, and perhaps to try it out a few times to see how the Spirit might be moving. And if you are still streaming with us, we invite you to continue to pray and participate (and if you need more consecrated hosts to be sent home to you, to reach out to Rev. Nikky). Though we are many, we are one Body because we all share in the one bread. Thanks be to God!