Forward in Faith Stewardship 2024 Spotlight — Andi Allen & Dante

Welcome to the last of the Stewardship Spotlights. I hope you have had an inside view of what makes us the beloved community we are. As you all give thanks over the week please add St. Mark’s as something you are thankful for. If you have not already pledged, please consider this over the holiday. As December and Advent creep up, we would like closure on the pledging (100% of families) and the goal-of course 100% to fund all the fabulousness you see each week and the same fabulousness that goes on behind the scenes! 

We currently have received pledges from 41% of households and are at 54% of our goal. Thank you for your time, your talent and your pledge. Your faithful support of the St. Mark’s community is very much appreciated. You may place your pledge card in the alms basin on a Sunday or mail it in. You can also use the QR code at the end of the Stewardship brochure or go to to pledge online. If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation about pledging, you are welcome to reach out to Rev. Nancy at

Please enjoy this week’s spotlight: Andi Allen and Dante!

–Stewardship Committee: Andrew Bridges, Jonathan Luk, Carol Scott and Mego Tracy

My name is Andi Allen, and I started attending St. Marks two years ago when I used to live around the corner on Byron Street. I started coming because I knew I wanted to have a baby, and I wanted my baby to have a multi-generational community of faith where he could feel loved and accepted, and be able to ask tough questions when he gets older. (Right now he just likes to eat the bulletin, but I’m sure he’s pondering deep theological questions while he does it.)

Now that baby Dante is almost one year old (the big day is Dec 2, same as Gail Grant’s birthday), coming to St. Marks on Sunday morning is one of the highlights of our weekend. For me, it’s a place to come to get out of the house, have a cup of coffee and a snack, and let Dante be entertained by the music, the people watching, and, of course, his friend Joy. It also gives me such a heartwarming feeling to see how people are delighted to see us and ask how we’re doing. It’s nice to have a place to come where people show that they care about you. We don’t manage to make it in time for most of the service because of Dante’s morning nap time, but even the short time we’re able to show up and be part of the community makes me feel so glad that we’re part of it. Thank you to everyone for making us feel loved.

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