Forum: When Beauty Bears Witness: An Introduction to Christian Iconography

Icons have been described as “windows to heaven,” “theology written in images and color,” “forms of prayer,” and “artistic longings for the divine.”  From the earliest centuries of the Church, Christians have created visual representations of God and the saints for use during prayer and worship.  If you’re curious about these sacred images — how they’re made,  how to use them in personal and communal prayer, why they’ve been controversial across history, and how we might use them more inclusively to build Beloved Community at St. Mark’s, then join the Rev. Matt McDermott and Debie Thomas for a 50 minute forum on Sunday, January 29th.  We’ll look at a variety of icons, talk about the history and theology of iconography in the Church, and consider what it means to visually represent the divine in ways that honor both our tradition, and the gifts of our racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity.