food closet: top needs this week

Greetings Super Shoppers and Dedicated Cash Donors:

Please, if you can donate the need is urgent – the customers are steadily increasing now. The Diocese allows food pantries to remain open – if they can meet certain criteria. All Saints Food Closet has been taking precautions to protect staff, volunteers, customers and donors using a protocol from Second Harvest the main Food Closet donor. Their stock is still depleting – so our donations are needed now more than ever.

Always Needed: non-grocery items: quart size ziplock bags, twist ties, rubber bands, scissors, dish detergent, Fabuloso cleaner, hand sanitizer.

  • 15 oz cans of beans (kidney, pinto, refried, garbanzo, baked)
  • 15 oz cans of vegetables (peas, green beans, diced tomatoes, mixed veggies)
  • Hearty soups like Progresso and packaged Ramen noodles
  • Cold cereal, but please not Cheerios
  • Instant coffee