Embodied worship

When we gather for worship on Sunday mornings, we are invited to bring our bodies, minds, and souls into God’s loving presence, and draw closer to Christ with our whole selves.  Within the liturgy itself, we find opportunities to engage all of our senses.  We cross ourselves, we kneel, we bow our heads, we close our eyes, and we partake of God’s holy food and drink. Each of these embodied actions enables us to see, hear, touch, and taste the sacred.

Our faith tradition also offers us additional tools to aid us in prayer and contemplation.  Among these are prayer beads and finger labyrinths.  We invite you to use either or both during our Sunday worship.  As you trace the path of the labyrinth with your finger, consider the path you are on with God.  Imagine God walking with you always.  As you hold and pray with the beads, allow the tactile experience to slow you down, so that each bead reminds you afresh of the God who seeks you, hears you, and loves you.

We invite all adults to try out these tools, and ask that you please return them at the end of the service.