Diocesan Convention Report

St. Mark’s Deanery delegates and clergy attended the 173rd Diocesan Convention on Friday 10/28 and Saturday, 10/29.  We all attended via Zoom and voted via a secure system, “VPoll”.  The Convention moved along smoothly while we all remained COVID-safe.

We said Morning Prayer together and acknowledged that we are living on land that we took from various native people.

We heard what has been planned for the election and installation of our next Bishop two years from now, when the Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus retires.

We elected people to the Standing Committee, Executive Council, and Treasurer positions, and both Lay and Clergy to be deputies and alternates to the 81st General Convention in 2024.

Resolutions adopted included:

  • Improve access for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to services and meetings. The Church of England has created an exemplary model for equity, inclusion, and welcoming disabled and deaf people in all aspects of church life; we hope to set up something similar for the Episcopal Church and for the Diocese of California in particular.
  • Set up a task force, including members of all ages, to investigate how we can atone for and rectify the church’s past mistreatment of non-Caucasian people. This includes potential changes to the Prayer Book and Hymnal.
  • Set up a task force to gather information on the ministry needs of young adults in the Bay Area, and to report those needs for action at next year’s Convention.
  • Recognized that many congregations cannot provide affordable housing for their clergy, and directed our Executive Council to propose a way to address these needs at the next convention.
  • Encourage everyone to listen to the proceedings of the 2022 Lambeth Conference and to reflect on how our Episcopal church can work with and pray for other churches in the Anglican Communion. This resolution was submitted by our very own Michael Fitzpatrick.  Further information is available at:

https://www.lambethconference.org  (click on Menu in the upper right corner)

To learn more, talk with any of our Deanery Representatives: Matthew Burt, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Harvey, Robert Bell, Carla Bliss, Terry Moore.

Terry Moore, St. Mark’s Deanery Convenor