Debie Thomas: Expanded Role for Discipleship


In anticipation of my upcoming time away October 23-December 23, but also in view of the transition, I’d like to share a staff update with you. Effective 10/15/2023, Debie Thomas took on an additional role and is now Minister of Lifelong Formation and Discipleship.

In this expanded role, Debie will support the membership commission and newcomers, as well as seek to connect every member and newcomer with a ministry or commission at St. Mark’s. During my time away, Debie will also be available in an official pastoral capacity to support Nancy and will be supporting the scheduling of liturgical ministers. In the new year, Debie will also begin engaging with our commissions and ministry leaders to support some of these initiatives called forth from our strategic planning. 

I’m so excited for St. Mark’s to have Debie in this new role, and I know that her ministry will continue to enhance our witness to the Gospel. Please congratulate her the next time you get the chance.



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