Children’s Chapel – the creation story

Children and Parents,

This Sunday, we celebrate the Trinity, a great mystery and a great truth of our faith.  On this special day, we think about what it means that God is three in one. One God who is real to us in three ways. God is our Father (and Mother.)  God is the Son, Jesus, who came to earth to show us God’s great love. And God is also the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God who lives in and among us now, reminding us of everything we need to know to love God and love each other. 

We believe that this “Three in One” God made everything that we see around us — the trees and flowers, the oceans and mountains, the planets and stars — and us!  Every single one of us.

On Sunday morning, we will have a special video lesson about God’s creation on our St. Mark’s YouTube channel Click this link to watch! Please look there for the lesson, and for some questions to think about together as a family. Happy Trinity Sunday!

Debie Thomas