Children’s Chapel – We Are God’s Flowers

Hi parents!

Today’s Children’s Chapel video has a botanical theme. We’re talking about being flowers on God’s “big plant.” You can watch the video here: 

Lectionary Reading: 

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Theological Background For Today’s Video

Jesus calls us to “abide” in him – to live in God’s presence, with a connection to the life-giving and nourishing Divinity that also “abides” in us. 

When talking to the Disciples, Jesus compares himself to a vine, and he compares his followers to the fruits, or flowers, that grow on that vine. It’s a connection that his audience, very familiar with agriculture, would have understood clearly. A branch, flower, or fruit that becomes disconnected from the larger plant will wither and die!

The flowers or fruits don’t need to find water and nutrients on their own – they can trust the larger plant to carry nourishment to them. Our job is to trust in God and remain open to receiving the spiritual nutrients that God’s deep roots provide for us. 

Go Deeper!

Go on a walk with your child and observe the trees and plants growing in your neighborhood. Can they see the connections between all the parts of the plant? What part of the plant is most like God? Most like church? Most like an individual person? How are they all connected?

Define “abiding” with your child. What are some synonyms they can think of for this funny word? (Live, stay, rest, dwell, etc.) Where do they “abide?” What does it feel like to abide somewhere?

Try making a blanket fort together or wrapping your child in cozy blankets to get an experience of “abiding” in warm, comfortable surroundings. How does being surrounded by God’s love feel the same as being surrounded by blankets or the walls of your house? How does it feel different?

Practice “abiding in God” with your child by saying this short prayer:
{Breathe in} God, I want to abide in you {Breathe out} as you abide in me.

Do you or your child connect to worship experiences through music? Here are some songs about abiding in Christ:
Andrew Marcus – Abide In Me
Chris August – Abide In Me
WorshipNOW – Remain In Me