Children’s Chapel – God’s Friend

Hi parents, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s lectionary video is about being God’s friend – what does that really mean? Does God really want to be our friend? (YES!) How can we be God’s friend?

Here is the video link: 

Theological Background

Throughout the Bible, we are reminded of God’s deep and abiding love for us. One huge symbol of this love that God has for us is Christ’s death on the cross. We also see it reflected in the beauty of Creation and the Scriptural stories of God’s promises fulfilled. God’s desire to be in close, loving relationships with us is clear across all of the Bible’s stories and in our church traditions.

Just as God craves connection with us, experiencing God’s love makes us crave more connection with God. We find that connection through prayer, church, Scripture, community, nature, art, music, and many other ways. Being someone’s friend requires us to get to know that person and spend time with them – being God’s friend is the same way!

When God reminds us how much we are loved by God, these reminders are almost always accompanied by an exhortation to share that love with others. God wants to pour so much love into us that it overflows and blesses the world through us. One great way to be friends with God is to participate in God’s favorite pastime – loving the world.

Go Deeper!

Talk with your child about what friendship means to them. How do they feel about their friends? How do they know when someone is their friend? What do they like to do with their friends?

Encourage your child to connect their understanding of friendship to God. What’s different about being friends with God? What’s the same? What aspects of friendship can they apply to their relationship with God?

We often associated friendship with having fun. How can you and your child have fun with God? Try doing something your child already enjoys – jumping on a trampoline, blowing bubbles, building Legos – while intentionally inviting God to join in that experience of fun. 

Showing love to other people is a great way to “hang out” with God. Provide your child an opportunity to show love to someone else by sending a letter with a nice note. This could be a letter to a relative or family friend who lives far away, or a St. Mark’s parishioner, or anyone else!
You can also check out these websites, which provide opportunities to show love by writing a letter: 

A big part of being someone’s friend is talking to them – it’s the same with God! Help your child connect with God by telling God a funny joke, a story about their day, or anything else they’d say to a friend.

Do you or your child connect to worship experiences through music? Here are some songs about connecting with God as a friend:
Friend Of God – Lakewood Church 
The God I Know – Love & The Outcome
What A Friend We Have In Jesus – LifeChurch