Children’s Chapel – “Doubting” Thomas

Children’s Chapel – “Doubting” Thomas
Hi children and families!

Today’s Children’s Chapel video comes to you from the beach in Cayucos! It’s a short, sand-animated version of the story of Jesus appearing to Thomas, plus some contemplation on the meaning of the story. 

Theological Background

Many faith traditions tell a variation of this story: A man once approached his Rabbi (or priest, or other spiritual teacher) and said “Rabbi, Rabbi, every day I fall to my knees and pray to God, asking for God’s presence in my life, and yet nothing happens! Where is God?”

The Rabbi responded: “What do you think that prayer is? It is God within you who is the source of that desire. The act of praying for God’s presence is, itself, the presence of God. When we seek God, God is there in the seeking.”

Today’s video aims to encourage our children to seek God’s presence in whatever way is best for them. The moment of desiring God is itself a holy moment. All we can do is cultivate a fertile ground for these holy moments and trust God to show up in them. 

Go Deeper!

Here are some discussion questions to spark conversation after watching today’s video:

Thomas was clear about what he wanted from his relationship with Jesus – he said, “I want to see and touch the wounds Jesus’s body.” Do you know what you want from your relationship with God? Are you looking for peace? Love? Answers to questions? Connection with community? 

If you don’t know how you as a unique person can best connect with God, that’s okay! We try lots of different things at church and at home. What are some things we do at home and at church to invite God into our lives? (Labyrinth walking, candle lighting, prayer, music, silence – what else can you think of?)

Is there anything you would like to try? How can you, like Thomas, invite God into your life?

If listening to music is your young one’s preferred way to connect with the Divine, try listening to this song together: 

If a short, meditative quiet time would work well for your young one, try following along with this video together:

Q&A With Lily

I got some great questions! I’ve done my best to answer them and introduce myself a bit more in this video. (I’m sharing it as a Google File because it’s too long for my free YouTube; all these videos will be up on the St. Mark’s YouTube soon.) 

Q&A with Lily

If you or your kiddos have any more questions for me, feel free to send them my way!