Children’s Chapel – April 18th, 2021

Children’s Chapel Video – April 18
Hi parents and children!

Today’s Children’s Chapel video is here:

Theological background: Throughout the Gospels, Jesus frequently reminds people of the stories they’ve heard in the Old Testament, and positions himself and the events of his time as significant in the same story and timeline. He wants us to know that God is telling one great big story, and it all connects!

Looking at Jesus as part of a larger story shows us that God is always present, keeping promises and shepherding us through history. It also shows that humans are always present, with individuals and communities constantly being invited to participate in this larger story that God is telling. 

Go Deeper:

Talk with your child about how your family has a history, a set of stories, that stretches back to before they were born, but now includes them as well. What are some of their favorite family stories to hear? What do those stories tell them about their family and their own personal story?

What are some of your favorite stories to tell, or hear, about yourself? Do you ever imagine yourself as part of a different story, like from a book or a movie? What does it feel like to be part of a story? 

What does it mean to be part of God’s story? How does it feel to be invited, by God, to participate in the storytelling? What kind of story do you think God wants to tell? How can your choices and actions help God tell a story of love, justice, and joy?

The animated movie The Prince of Egypt is a great example of how individual people – Moses, Aaron, Miriam, and others – accept God’s invitation to be part of the story. Consider watching the movie together, or just share this song with your child.