Children In Church!

Hi parents! As we begin to gather again in person, we are so excited to welcome children and families back to church. 

Since we are asking children to remain with their families rather than leave for a separate Children’s Chapel, we have put together some bins full of fun stuff to help little ones best participate in church. Keep an eye out, because new stuff may appear in these bins from week to week!

I made this short video to get children excited about being part of “big church” and getting their very own bin. If in-person church is right for your family, please show your kiddo this video to prepare them and get them looking forward to church!

If in-person church is not yet the right choice for you and your children, that’s fine! I’ll still make and send weekly Children’s Chapel videos that align with the lectionary, plus materials you can use for faith formation at home.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions about the new red bins & the larger project of welcoming children to church, please reach out at!