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Children and Parents,

As we continue to shelter in place through Eastertide, here’s a reflection for you to use at home, based on the Gospel story for this Sunday.

Lesson: Thomas Has Doubts
Scriptures: John 20:19-31

After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to his friends, who were hiding in a locked room because they were afraid. They were scared that the same people who killed Jesus would come looking for them. Suddenly, Jesus appeared to them and said, “Don’t be afraid! Peace be with you!” Jesus’s friends were thrilled to see their Lord alive!

But one of the friends, a man named Thomas, was not in the room when Jesus appeared. Later, when Thomas got home and his friends told him the amazing news that Jesus was alive, he didn’t believe it. “I’m not sure I believe what you’re saying,” he told his friends. “I need to see Jesus for myself! I need to touch him with my own hands!”

A week later, Jesus visited his friends again, and this time, Thomas was there. Jesus went right up to Thomas and said, “Put your hands on my hands. See the marks where the soldiers hurt me. See? I’m here! I’m alive! Do you believe now?”

Amazed, Thomas touched Jesus and felt his scars. “Yes, Lord,” he said. “I believe!”

But Jesus replied, “Thomas, you have believed because you’ve seen me. Blessed are all the people who don’t see, and still believe that I’m alive, and that I love them.”

Reflection Questions:

  1. Have you ever wondered if something you were told is true? What did you do to discover the truth for yourself?
  2. If you could see Jesus, just like Thomas did, what would you want to ask him?
  3. It’s okay to have questions. What are some things you wonder about? Can you make a list, and share it with someone you love? Maybe together you can look for answers!

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