Children and family news – may 24, 2020 – Jesus taught us how to pray

Children and Parents,

As we continue to shelter in place, here’s a reflection for you to use at home, based on the Gospel reading for this Sunday.
Lesson: Talking to GodScriptures: John 17:1-11

When Jesus was one earth, he spent a lot of time praying.  Sometimes, he would wake up early in the morning, while it was still dark outside, and go to a quiet place by himself to pray.  Sometimes, he would pray in front of his friends.  Sometimes he prayed quietly, and sometimes he prayed out loud.  Jesus prayed for all sorts of things.  He prayed for strength and courage when he felt sad.  He prayed that God would protect and help the people he loved.  He even prayed for his enemies!

In all of these ways, Jesus gave us an example to follow.  “Praying” means spending time with God.  It means telling God our thoughts, sharing our needs and hopes, asking God for help, saying “I’m sorry” when we do something wrong, and saying “thank you” for all the wonderful things we enjoy in our lives.  Sometimes, prayer can just be silence.  Just listening.  

One of the ways we can help other people — even when we can’t see them — is by praying for them.  Remember, it doesn’t take big, complicated words or thoughts to pray.  We can pray for ourselves, our friends, and our families, by singing, drawing, writing, reading prayers from the Bible or a prayer book, or just sitting quietly and inviting God to be with us.  Since God hears our thoughts, we don’t always need to pray out loud or even in complete sentences. We can talk to God like we talk to our parents or to a good friend.  Prayer can happen in our hearts any time we want, because God loves us, and always wants to hear from us. 

Reflection Questions:

1. What would you like to tell God this week?  Can you say a prayer, draw a picture, or write God a letter, sharing your thoughts? 

2. Who are some people you can pray for this week?  

3. Sometimes it can be nice to have a special place in your house or yard where you go when you’d like to pray.  Do you have a favorite spot where you talk to God?  If not, can you make one?

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