Calling All Gardeners

Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry at Stanford is getting ready to welcome students to campus in the fall and would like to have a succulent potting station at the Activities Faire. Our idea is to provide tiny pots with ELCM’s information right on them, a supply of soil, and as many small, propagated (rooted) succulents as we can get our hands on! That’s where (we’re hoping) you come in. If you have succulents in your yard (jade, sedum, aeonium, crassula, echevarias, etc.), would you be willing to pinch off some pieces and get some roots sprouted? We would like to gather these up in the 2nd week of September, in time for the Activities Faire at Stanford. If you are able to help us out in this way, please contact Pastor Greg at Thank you for your support of Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry at Stanford.