August 2021: Hotel de Zink Success!

Once again, Saint Mark’s has safely housed and deliciously fed a group of unhoused guests for one month!  Our guests enjoyed the 31 dinners and many breakfast and snack items we provided during the month of August.  Thank you to everyone who cooked, or had food delivered, or stopped by to wave or welcome our guests.  And thank you to Matt and Nikky and the vestry for agreeing to allow our guests to make the Parish Hall their home from 5 PM to 7 AM for the entire month.  This meant foregoing any rental income from the Hall so that the guests could set up their beds and belongings on the first day of August and leave them in place all month, as in a real home. This year, LifeMoves brought in a big screen TV and the guests were delighted to be able to watch the Olympic games.

Sadly, due to COVID restrictions, we were not able to be in community with our guests, but we could and still can pray for them and their well-being.  In fact, LifeMoves, our partner in HDZ, has placed two of this month’s guests in housing, one in permanent, safe housing and the other in transitional, safe housing.

So again, thank you for making this month a blessing for St. Mark’s and our guests,
Your HDZ Coordinators,
Ellen Vanderwilt, Susan Dansker and Diane Guinta