All Souls’ Day Service

At 9 am, Saturday, October 31st, we will again observe All Souls’ Day at St. Mark’s. You are invited to join us as we gather on the labyrinth patio next to All Souls’ Memorial Garden for a special service to remember those family members and friends whom we have lost. We will need to break from the tradition of processing into St. Mark’s Chapel for Eucharist, but our prayers outside will be faithful, loving, and hopeful.

This year due to COVID-19, the service will take place completely outside, you must wear a mask, and we will all be socially distanced by at least six feet. You will also be asked to sign up online to attend, or to let me know at or by text or phone (650-269-2611), that you plan to attend.

The service will also be livestreamed if you prefer to watch it from home. 

This service is an opportunity for all of us to remember by name our loved ones with thanksgivings and hopeful prayer. Cindy and Melissa Price, wife and daughter of Tim Price (who passed away a year ago) will share a brief reflection about the graceful, enduring love of Christ.

Please join us if you are able. If you are unable to join us at St. Mark’s on Saturday, please be with us in prayer as we remember our loved ones and move forward in faith.