Agape meal liturgy to try at home

Dear community,

I have heard from many of you a desire for a ritual you can do at home, at your own meals; a prayer service to ground you that does not require any kind of screen. There are many ways to pray, of course, but I offer you this Agape Meal liturgy as one you might try for awhile while we shelter in place. 

This simple service is adaptable to whatever makes sense in your situation. You can use it whether you live alone or with others (or if you do choose to share mealtime over Zoom/Meet/FaceTime!). 

I suggest perhaps making your Sunday evening dinner an Agape Meal. Though we are separated, there is still connection in knowing others are praying the same thing at the same time you are. Of course, you are invited to use it whenever you’d like (maybe even breakfast!).

May you know the Spirit present with you, especially during these times.

Christ’s peace,
Rev. Nikky

Agape Meal Liturgy