Agape – Coffee Hour – Hosts Needed to Continue

Our Agape Coffee Hour after the 10:00 Liturgy is a wonderful time of hospitality and conviviality for our community – and it is made possible by volunteers who sign up to bring and set out the refreshments each week. But we’ve got way more Sundays than we have volunteers! Right now, volunteers are scheduled only through November 12, and we need volunteers for the rest of November and December (except Dec. 17), and then, of course, eventually throughout the New Year. We tend to schedule three months at a time, but anyone can sign up for any future Sunday! 

The refreshments don’t need to be fancy, and setting up is very straightforward. One of our seasoned Agape Hosts would be glad to talk with you about our simple set-up and walk you through it. There are people, too, who may be glad to bring something to share, but would need a partner to help set-up, and we are glad to try to put you in contact.

If you would be willing to be part of the ministry of Agape and could sign up for a Sunday in November or December, please email Rev. Nancy at We are also looking for a leader for this ministry to help schedule Agape Hosts and acclimate new volunteers. Let Rev. Nancy know if this might be something you would consider.

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