A Hotel de Zink Memory

In 1997, I had just returned from a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru. While sitting on the outdoor pew with one of our Hotel de Zink guests, I shared my adventure of flying in on an “old” Russian made helicopter. There were no seat belts and passengers could wander freely into the cockpit.

Our guest was shocked of this recounting and revealed that he had been a licensed pilot. He had flown both military and small commercial planes in his career. Hard times and poor decisions had led to his homeless situation. I was surprised by his story, since I can fall to stereotyping homeless persons too easily.

When spending time in conversation with our diverse guests over the years, I have learned how many vulnerable people live in our community. Hotel de Zink in one small way St. Mark’s families can help those trying to stabilize their lives.

Join Us in August to provide meals and comfort to those in need.

In Christ, Carla Bliss

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