A Change in Our Program Staffing!

We are excited to announce that in this new Easter season we will begin a new focus on the spiritual formation of all St. Mark’s members. The formation of our spiritual lives, learning and living out our beliefs and values in tangible ways, nurturing our souls so that we embody compassion in our lives, is the core purpose of any Christian Community. How do we know God and how does this change the way we live our lives?

And so, our present Director of Children and Family Ministries, Debie Thomas, will now be our Minister for Lifelong Formation. Our present Youth Minister, Lily Dodge, will now be our Minister for Children and Youth. Debie will work closely with our clergy in focusing on the formation of all adults in the parish, including parents. Lily will focus on creating vibrant programs for children and youth and guide those adults who help teach and support our younger parishioners. The clergy will continue to offer specific support, Rev. Nikky with children and families, Rev. Matt with teens. The entire program staff, Lily, Virginia, Debie, Nikky and Matt will work together as a team to create a comprehensive strategy and action plan to truly seek to deepen our faith, both individually and corporately. This new focus will lift up what is working well and create new paths to enliven the way we follow Christ and learn from each other. We are truly excited in this Easter season to begin to seek a new resurrection in the way we learn and grow and change together! More to come!