24 Hour PRayer Vigil

Please consider committing to one hour of prayer, as our community holds vigil on election day. Sign up for a time slot here. From 7am on Tuesday, Nov 3 until 7am Wednesday, Nov 4, we will pray for justice, peace, and wisdom as we put our fears and anxieties in God’s hands. The St. Mark’s Chapel is now open (one individual or household unit at a time, please) – it remains unlocked, and you may come by anytime. 

If you sign up for an hour, you may use the Chapel or you may pray from elsewhere (ie. on a walk, or even from bed). Yes, we are trying to pray all 24 hours, even overnight. If you are going to be awake anyway, refreshing election results, perhaps consider spending that time with God! 
The Chapel will remain open even after these 24 hours, and we invite you to continue to hold our nation in prayer, whatever the results.