172nd Convention of the Diocese of California

The Diocese of California’s 172nd Convention took place October 22 and 23. The annual meeting highlights the accomplishments of the preceding year while helping set direction for the next.

This was the second time the Convention took place online because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.  The additional year of experience with online meetings led to additional preparations for the convention, including the use of a mini website focused on the information pertinent to the convention. The site is open to all interested parties: https://www.diocalconvention.org/

Refer to the “Convention Results” report for a fuller account of the convention’s activities.  The resolutions undertaken by this year’s Convention were aligning organizational activities with the church’s larger values, as reflected in the environment, social justice, and fair employment benefits for its ministers.

Throughout Bishop Marc Andrus’s tenure, the Diocese of California has taken time at the annual conventions to install an awareness of equity on the path to building the Beloved Community. This year, the African American civil rights activist Ruby Sales was scheduled to speak to this topic but had to withdraw because of illness.  Instead, the convention viewed a video where she reflected on the event that thrust her into the nation’s consciousness, when the Episcopal seminarian Jonathan Daniels interposed himself to save Sales from a racist gunman at the cost of his own life.

While many religious organizations reserve their leadership to ordained ministers, the governance of the Episcopal Church includes both clergy and lay members, going from local congregations all the way to national leadership.  The St. Mark’s delegation includes Matt McDermott, Nikky Wood, and Liz Milner in the clergy order.  Lay delegation members are Carla Bliss, Jonathan Harvey, Michael Fitzpatrick, Romain Kang, Susan Dansker, Teresa Downing, and Terry Moore.