The Vestry & Leadership

The Vestry (the governing board) of St. Mark’s is constituted of 12 elected members, two leaders (traditionally referred to as “Wardens”) and 10 members at large.

The Vestry oversees the ministry of the parish by supporting the staff and attending to the financial and material needs of the parish, its personnel and it’s property. Vestry members have been recognized for their devotion and leadership capabilities. Members serve three year terms

Present members include:

Bruce Anderson
Jonake Bose
David Clark
Patti Clendenin (clerk)
David Kennedy (warden)
Jeannie Leahy
Michele Liencres

Gail McFall (warden)
Ann Mendenhall
Peter Shambora
Maureen Simons
Wendy Suljak
Brent Welch