New to Saint Mark’s?


We are honored that you have chosen to explore Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church and hope that you find experiences of joy and wonder, comfort and care. We are a faithful community of Christians inspired by God’s call to deepen our faith and serve those in need. Worship and services are central to our identity. Our members come from a radius of 25 miles and participate in every area of ministry, from worship to administration, youth ministry to adult formation.
Saint Mark’s was founded in the late 1940’s in south Palo Alto during a time of exciting growth for the community and new beginnings for many churches. Sixty years later this particular church still embraces exciting growth and new beginnings while also honoring our rich traditions.
You are most welcome to join us for our various worship services, our programs and our special events. We’d be blessed by your presence. Feel free to call upon any of the clergy or staff at any time.

Who We Are, Our Mission Statement

We are an extended family of loving people bound by faith in Christ. We seek to deepen our relationship with God, strengthen our faith community, support each other, and serve our neighbors. We do this by celebrating our faith through meaningful liturgy and prayer, sharing our stories and traditions, and participating in ministries of fellowship, compassion and justice.

New Member Welcome Sunday

Two Sundays a year are set aside for welcoming new members to Saint Mark’s. During both the 8:00 and 10:00 services, those who have become members are recognized by name and with prayer. New members will be notified in advance as to the date of Welcome Sunday.

Newcomer's Dessert

Each spring and fall, visitors and new members of Saint Mark’s are invited to an informal gathering at a parishioner’s home. These events give people an opportunity to meet other people new to Saint Mark’s as well as an opportunity to meet established members and clergy. Visitors will receive an invitation in the mail prior to the event.

Inquirer's Classes

Twice a year we offer a course for those interested in learning more about the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church, and St. Mark’s. Taught by St Mark’s clergy, this class is an introduction to the Episcopal tradition and the St. Mark’s community: its identity, its ministries and its historical context. These evenings will help you understand who we are and what we value. Any newcomer, new member or member is welcome to attend.

How to become a Member

Complete a Membership Form online or downloand and print the form below.