CCB Leader Training Help Articles

This page is a collection of videos & articles that were covered in the Leader Training. You can also visit the main CCB help site at or by logging into CCB and clicking the “Help” link at the top of the page. There you can search for articles and videos or browse through the categories to find what you need.
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Group Settings & Basics

Videos Text Articles
Editing Group Settings Editing Groups
Leading Your Group Group Leader Priveleges
Editing, Deleting & Inactivating Groupsp Viewing & Searching For Groups


Group Communication

Videos Text Articles
Creating a Group Message Creating a Group Message
Editing or Deleting Group Messages Editing a Group Message
Deleting a Group Message
Group Message Comments Group Message Comments
Creating a Mail Merge Creating a Mail Merge
Editing a Mail Merge
Sending a Mail Merge to a Group


Other Group Features

Videos Text Articles
Group Reports
Creating Needs Creating Needs
Assigning Needs Assigning Needs
Informing of Needs Informing of Needs
Editing & Deleting Needs Editing Needs
Responding to Needs
Editing or Deleting Attendance Attendance Set-up
Recording Attendance for a Single Event Recording Attendances
Recording Attendance for a Single Group
Attendance Reports Attendance Reports


Managing Group Members & Leaders

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Adding & Removing Participants Adding People to a Group by Name
Searching for People by Name Adding People to Group by Search
Adding People to Group by Cross Reference
Adding Assistant Group Leaders
Changing the Main Group Leader
Creating Logins for Group Participants
Removing People from a group


Group Calendars

Videos Text Articles
Viewing Events Viewing Events
Creating Events Creating Events
Event Registration and Invitations Event Registration Set up
Inviting People to Events
Managing the Guest List
Editing or Deleting an Event Editing Events
Deleting Events
Event Reports Event Reports